This compilation CD has all three "JUSTICEVILLE" versions, plus the historic "TED'S RAP."

By the time of the recording, THE BUTCHERS had played the song all over LA.  Audiences loved the new phunk rap style.  The Butchers pooled their money and set up a four hour session at a $100/hour studio with John __________ engineering.   "TED'S RAP" was recorded on the fly in one take in the last half hour of that session, proving that improvisation, especially under pressure, is the cheapest ticket to perfection.   

At the time of his recording of "Justiceville," HOLLYWATTS, aka RODGER SMITH, was a really smart, nice young guy who later proved to be a genius performance artist, starring in "Do the Right thing," "On the Bus," and a very powerful oneman play based on a Black Panther's prison diary.  We recorded his version at Rocky _________ 's skid row studio. 


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